Stratford 2010
Saturday, July 10
Last year we changed our Stratford schedule, heading out in early June. This year, we turned things around and headed to Stratford not in June, but in July for our weekend getaway. The reasons are many. It gets hard to plan a summer getaway to accommodate all our schedules when it's still late autumn (November 11, 2009 to be exact). Still we did it and had a great time in the process.

Another difference this time out is that I did not take my camera. I figured after four years, I have taken pictures of almost everything in Stratford. Of course I found a park near our hotel I could have taken some pictures of, but such is life.

This year was a bit different as Jordana had her assessment test at Sheridan College Saturday at noon. We took it easy yesterday morning before departing shortly after 11 a.m. We got to the Oakville campus just before noon and dropped her off and Lisa and I went to Oakville Place for the next two hours. Actually, we only stayed there 90 minutes and were preparing to head back to the campus when Jordana called us, informing us she was finished. So, we picked her up and headed to Stratford.

We eventually arrived and checked in at the River Garden Inn, - our third year staying at this hotel. This year we had a first floor room, which was nice. We unloaded the car and unpacked and just relaxed for the next few hours, which was nice. Some of us even had a little snooze.

By 5:30, we were all changed and headed out to dinner. We decided to try something different this year, going to Annie's Fish House. The food was very good. Afterward, we headed downtown to the Avon Theatre. We had some time to kill before Evita started, so we walked over to Kitchen Connaisseur where I bought some mustard, relish and BBQ sauce.

Finally it was showtime. Evita is/was a musical play, no dialogue. The play was a bit dark, but very well done.

After the play, we went to Tim Horton's for dessert and then back to the hotel for R & R before calling it a night (a night).

Sunday, July 11
A new day beckons! We got ready, checked out and went to Demetre's for breakfast (a tradition), followed by another tradition, Dollarama. We did very well this year, spending more than a few shekels to buy Jordana plates, cutlery, utensils, and other things to set her up when she moves to Sheridan College residence this fall. This was followed by a visit to the mall and Sear's; where Jordana and I got some clothes, (actually, she got a lot more than I did).

After a short lunch at the mall, we changed and headed back to the Avon Theatre. This time we went to see Peter Pan. A wonderful comedy, and very well done. I have never seen so many children in the theatre.

After the play, we went to Crabby Joe's for dinner. I had the salmon, while Lisa had ribs and Jordana had the chicken wings. Dinner was good when I finally got mine as they brought the wrong dinner first time out.

With the meal finally concluded, we departed Stratford. It was a nice getaway and nice start to my three-week holiday, which followed.

On August 22, we returned for a day outing to see Kiss Me Kate. A wonderful production. We got to Stratford and went to the dollar store to get some more stuff to help Jordana settle into residence and then went for lunch. After the play we went to Crabby Joe's for dinner.

The weather this time out was not so nice, overcast the entire day but the rain held off until we were on Highway 8 heading home. Then the downpour started. Fortunately it let up by time we reached Highway 401 and was not bad as we headed back to Toronto. (that night though the skies opened and it rained all night).

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