Fern Resort 2000

Impressions and activities from our annual summer vacation

Sunday, July 16
Hello. We arrived here mid-afternoon, after a 90-minute drive.
The resort is very nice and we are having a good time. There are four computers in Bertyl's (the resort's lounge and dining area). I can use them to keep to keep in touch.
They have a nice menu here. You have a choice of the regular menu, veggie or healthy. I had the healthy. We got lucky in that we have our dining table in Bertyl's, which is a lot quieter than the dining room. Also they have great table service.
After dinner we saw a ski show and then went to see a magician at Mary Lou's.
Hope to go to casino while here.
Let David and Jen know we are OK.

Monday, July 17
You know vacations are wonderful social things for kids. Here there are programs for kids all day. They can pick and choose which to attend.
Jordana does so, coming and going; giving us a passing hello as she wanders off with other kids she meets. For the first time she does not want us to take her or pick her up from events, insisting that she meet us at a certain place or time. All of a sudden our baby is gone and this pre-pre-teen has emerged. It is sort of sad, yet amazing.
Today I played a game called Outburst and we also soaked up a lot of sun. Jordana and I went canoeing in the afternoon. Jordana had an early dinner and then joined her group for a movie night. She joined us later to see the Legends of Rock and Roll Millennium Show.
Chow for now from Fern Resort.

Tuesday, July 18

Hi from Fern Resort. It was an interesting day. I took part in archery, and, oh yes, Lisa played bingo last night and won $190. Lisa and I went to Casino Rama today. However we didn't win big.
I also played archery today.
Tonight was talent show. Jordana was up there with other kids. Boy is she bossy, telling other kids where to stand. The magician also called me up on stage to help him get out of his straight jacket. Then it was my turn, but no luck, I could not escape the straight jacket.
Jordana is soo different this year. All of a sudden I feel like I am entering a new stage of parenthood. She had breakfast with us, said goodbye and off she went to join her group. She came back for lunch (I can't pick her up). Then off she went again. Later that afternoon she came back to the room just long enough to tell us she was going to the trampoline with her friends and then she was off. She had supper with her group. She really loves her group and the leaders. This evening after the talent show there was some staff talent show and Jordana and a bunch of other kids were up and dancing till 10:30 p.m. She didn't want to come back. What she wanted was a key so she could come back on her own! Is this where her pre-pre-teen years start? She loves us, but her time now is for her peers. It's funny, I look around and see the young people and know I'm not there anymore and see the young parents with babies and realize that's part of my past now. What comes next? I'm not sure and it's a bit scary.
Talk to u soon again

Wednesday, July 19

Hi from Fern Resort. It's Wednesday and middle of the week. Having a wonderful time. Lisa played bingo this morn (as she does every morning) and I went for a walk (my usual thing). Then I went to a talk called Discovering your Colours, which explores a person's personality. After getting up on stage last night a lot of people know me and my paper.
Had lunch in the dining room. Jordana was very busy. In the afternoon I went scuba diving and Lisa played mini-golf and later I signed up for a cocktail making class. Basically for $5 you got to learn how to make and drink four drinks. Not bad for the money. Also went swimming. Tonight there is a BBQ dinner by the pool and then a hypnotist performs. Definitely think will make plans to come back in 2001.
Talk to u soon.

Thursday, July 20

Hi it's me. Weather was a bit cooler, but sunny, so it was nice to lie around. I was in an archery tournament and lost by one point. Got 3 bulls eyes though.
Lisa and I also took part in a beanbag toss. Jordi did mini-golf today and has a movie tonight, so she is eating early dinner without us. We had BBQ lunch outside today. Lunch alternates between BBQ outside and sandwich board outside. Or if you wish, you can have lunch indoors. Also went for a nice long walk.
Entertainment this evening was a staff lip sync performance.
Ahhhhhhhh, the week is coming to an end. Be back home tomorrow. But not before we put our reservations in for July 2001.

Friday, July 21

We finished packing this morning and after breakfast checked out. Jordana went to her group we signed up to return to Fern Resort in July 2001. As usual, Lisa played bingo and I went for a walk. Later Jordana went swimming. For lunch we went to Mary Lou's snack bar. Then we headed home.

All in all the day programs were fun, evening entertainment was quite enjoyable, the food was great and the service and dedication from all the staff was top notch. Lisa, Jordana and I all agree that it was a great trip and we all had a great time doing the different things during the week.

Material compiled from e-mail sent home and from post-vacation impressions.

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